CCLD Makerspace at the Steele Memorial Library

Built seven years after the flood of 1972 in a modern style the Steele Memorial Library has continued to be a forward looking institution in our region. One unique feature of this library is it's green roof. Installed in 2010 to replace the original with a living green roof of sedum that will help curb runoff from rain by hundreds of thousands of gallons and lasting twice to three times as long as the original. Inside the Steel is a makerspace devoted to helping the inspired realize their dreams. A 3D printer, laser engraver, sewing to soldering and many more tools are available to use in the space. And all at the public library...a 19th century institution with a 21st century outlook!

For more information about CCLD Makerspace visit:

Prototypes - POI
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Points of Inspiration

415 E. Water Street

Elmira, NY 14901

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