Murray Athletic Center

The Geodesic Dome Patented by R. Buckminster Fuller in 1954 transformed architecture and in 1973 Elmira College built the Murray Center utilizing this revolutionary style. The Domes as they are affectionately know are a great example of large scale geodetic construction taking inspiration from a study of nature and experimentation. In the 1980’s chemists would go on to recognize the shape they saw in Carbon 60 as Geodetic and name the discovered molecule buckminsterfullerene or a buckyball for its pattern of interlocking pentagons and hexagons. You may recognize the fullerene structures today called carbon nano-tubes, or buckytubes!  From the Murray Center to the microscopic, curiosity and observance can lead to discoveries that make the world a better place.

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Bucky Balls - POI
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Points of Inspiration

415 E. Water Street

Elmira, NY 14901

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