Riverfront Levee Trail, Elmira

The Levee Trail, a multi use path sits atop Elmira’s westerly flood control system.  The levee was improved and built up in the 1930’s by the army corp of engineers and maintained to this day by the flood control engineer and the Department of Environmental Conservation. Flood Control Engineering is primarily responsible for maintenance of storm-water drainage facilities, developing and reviewing hydro-logic and hydraulic studies and associated mapping, and ensuring compliance with sound floodplain management criteria aimed at reducing flood risk. The trail  is easily accessible from Pirozzolo Park on the west or the Grove Street Boat Launch on the east. A great place to observe river ecology and marvel at the quite work of this engineering feat keeping Elmira safe from flooding.

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Levee Trail - POI
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Points of Inspiration

415 E. Water Street

Elmira, NY 14901


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