Sperr Memorial Park

What ever happened to the canals? A visit to Sperr Park can let you see some of our region's transportation past present and future. Here you can walk, ride, ski and snowshoe the old Delaware Lackawanna and Western Railroad bed and marvel at the "Deep Cut" one of the largest volumes of earth moved to maintain the grade on the Feeder Canal. The Feeder Canal linked Gibson, NY to the Chemung Canal in Horseheads, NY and came into the north side of Lowe's pond in today's Sperr Park.  Exiting to the south and turning east along the foot of Harris Hill, remnants of the Feeder Canal can still be seen holding water today. A transportation marvel of the past and the comings and going of modern transportation surround the same spot today.

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Keeping the Canal Running - POI
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Points of Inspiration

415 E. Water Street

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