Farmhouse Brewery

Our region has always been agriculturally significant. During the American Revolution New York was considered one of the bread basket colonies of America. The southern finger lakes region is no stranger to the rebirth of local production. From craft brewing to the rebirth of commercial hops production we’ve seen a return to what worked for our region and have rediscovered how  very good locally grown produce and products can be. The most recent crops to return to our area are grains such as wheat and rye and as well as milling these crops for local bakers they are finding their way into local brews. Another example of 180° thinking, a return to tradition does not mean going backwards but rather seeing you’ve reached an end point, turning around and continuing to move ahead.  Come by and enjoy the fruits of our tradition, see what local products are being made and marketed for our agricultural future at the Farmhouse Brewery.

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What was old is new again - POI
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Points of Inspiration

415 E. Water Street

Elmira, NY 14901

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