Farm Sanctuary

Where did your dinner come from? How has technology shaped agriculture in our region and around the globe?  The Farm Sanctuary provides relief for animals that were a part of the “intensive” or “factory farming” environment and provides  educational opportunities to better understand how and why we must gain a new perspective on how animals are raised for food in the future. Applying industrial models to animal farming is a fairly recent innovation only really gaining hold in the last half of the 20th century. What technologies will improve our small farms, such as the ones dotting the landscape of the southern finger lakes region? Will a return to the small farm be our next step forward? As Conservationist Doug Tompkins said,  “In response to those who say you can’t go back; what happens when you get to the cliff, and you take one step forward, or you do a 180° turn and take one step forward? Which way are you going? Which is progress?” From ethics, to the environment, to economy, you can come and learn about helping to become better agricultural stewards.

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Ethincs and Agriculture - POI
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