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Famous author and humorist Samuel Clemens, known best by his pen name Mark Twain, married local Elmira girl, Olivia Louise Langdon. Olivia attended the all-girl’s school Elmira College where Twain’s famous octagonal study, once located at Quarry Farm on a hill overlooking Elmira, now resides. Step inside Twain’s renowned study and enjoy the fresh air…for if Twain were there his 22 cigars a day would fill the small study with smoke. Take a walk inside Cowles Hall, the 160 year-old original building of Elmira College, and enjoy the newly renovated space as well as a small exhibit about Samuel and Olivia Clemens’ life in Elmira. 

Parking instruction for visiting the Mark Twain Study and Cowles Hall at Elmira College. Please note: there is no flag to mark your arrival at this site.

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Mark Twain Study and Cowles Hall

             Elmira College

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